How To Know If You Need Plastic Surgery

Very close to 11.9 million underwent cosmetic, both surgical and non surgical, procedures last year. The figure stands at 1,425,900 for the top 5 surgical procedures. Even the trend lines show that there has been a continuous growth in the plastic surgeries performed in the last 7-8 years. The figure stands at over 8 million for all plastic surgeries put together.

Why Is Plastic Surgery Gaining Popularity A brief look into what plastic surgery can do, should explain its popularity. Principally, there are two classes of plastic surgeries.

1. Reconstructive surgery, which helps cover-up destructive effects of diseases and accidents in addition to traumas, surgeries etc include tissue transplantation like bone, muscle and skin. Common of these types of surgeries are breast reconstruction, contracture surgery for burn injuries, cleft surgery on lip and palate. To give you an idea, breast reduction and lip reconstruction costs you between $1,700 and $5,500.

2. Cosmetic surgery, whose popularity as depicted by the 11.9 million people, is a major route for personal enhancement. As the name suggests, the procedure aims to enhance the cosmetic appearance. Top cosmetic surgeries in demand are mammaplasty or breast augmentation which is different from mastopexy which is breast lifiting. Other most popular cosmetic surgeries in the list are tummy tuck, buttock augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty (nose job) etc.

Are Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery the Same? Any doctor is legally allowed to do a cosmetic surgery but not plastic surgery. Critics are up in demands that the two be legally distinguished as cosmetic surgery is not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. It is true that those who have not undergone the statutory 5-7 years of residency training or more in surgery are reinventing themselves as ‘cosmetic surgeons’, looking at the lucrative market.

Historical Evolution of Plastic Surgery American Society of Plastic Surgeons cites evidences to indicate ancient Indian surgeons’ exploitation in the field at around 800 BC. It was around 19th century that it evolved to its present form. First American plastic surgeon was Dr. John Peter Mettauer who performed cleft palate operation in 1827. World War I had catapulted plastic surgery into a new realm.

The word plastic in plastic surgery may confuse a bit while it doesn’t use it at all. It is derived from the Greek word ‘plastikos’ which means molding to give shape. Now you know why the terms plastic and cosmetic surgeries are used interchangeably.

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Know The Opportunities That Exist Through Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery

There are many aspects in a woman’s life that are often considered extremely personal and hard to discuss in public and even privately. While these topics may be stressful to discuss, and may be a source of distress or frustration, it is exactly for this reason they ought to be discussed. Vaginal cosmetic surgery is a concept several women would never start to consider. Regardless of how you are affected one of the means to overcome discomfort and experience a more comfortable life is through vaginal surgery. There are a number of reasons an individual may seek vaginal cosmetic surgery, with the leading reason being the consequences of child birth. Women who have experienced childbirth know that there may be extensive changes to the vagina. The passing of a child through the vagina often results in extensive stretching, loss of muscle tone and increased diameter.

This leads to decreased friction during intercourse and loss of sensation. While most doctors may be able to repair a tear in the vagina, it takes a specialist in vaginal surgery to restore lost function. For some women childbirth may not be the reason they pursue vaginal cosmetic surgery. For other people the shape of the outside of the vagina, such as enlarged labia, could be a source of significant physical and emotional distress. During exercise, working outs, running or playing sports the labia could become swollen and irritated which can make them swollen and uncomfortable.

Sex could be adversely impacted by large labia which can significantly detract from lovemaking. Restorative vaginal surgery can address this issue to eliminate distress or distraction from intimacy. You’re in control. Take your first step by consulting a specialist in the field of restorative vaginal surgery.

Dr. Edward Jacobson is a Board certified gynecologist who has been in private practice for over twenty five years in Manhattan and Greenwich, Connecticut. He trained at the New York Hospital-Cornell University Medical Center where he remained an attending physician until moving his practice of vaginal surgery to Greenwich 25 years ago. He has the experience of thousands vaginal surgeries over the past two decades and has done more than 2,000 sexual enhancement procedures. He utilizes both laser and most recently, state-of-the-art high frequency (no scalpel) surgery for reduced post-operative discomfort, minimal scar formation, enhanced healing and excellent cosmetic results. Visit his website to learn more information on these life altering procedures.

Plastic Surgery For Deep Set Eyes

In today’s world, it seems as though there is a plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure that will treat just about every type of facial flaw. However, this is not necessarily true. Plastic surgery procedures are frequently performed to augment or remove the skin and tissues within the body (such as with breast augmentation or liposuction). In some cases, plastic surgery procedures may involve the removal and reshaping of bone material (such as with rhinoplasty or chin reduction surgery). There are certainly fewer plastic surgery procedures that involve bone reshaping, as this approach is far more invasive and associated with an increased risk of complications. So, in cases in which bone removal is required to reduce the appearance of a prominent facial or body feature, the patient’s options are far more limited.

When it comes to truly deep-set eyes, bone removal would be required to reshape the underlying bone structure that produces this appearance. Theoretically, the glabella, zygomatic bone, and supraorbital ridge would need to be shaved down to bring the eyes forward and eliminate the deep set appearance. Since this type of elective surgery is dangerous and the benefit-to-risk ratio is poor, it is rarely performed.

In a few cases, the eyes may appear to be deep-set because of excess skin or fat on the forehead, upper eyelids, or lower eyelids. In these cases, the following fat removal and skin tightening surgeries may be performed:

Browlift: If the eyebrows have descended, resulting in a perpetually angry or sad appearance, browlift surgery can be performed to lift the sagging skin, remove excess skin, and tighten the underlying forehead muscles. During this surgery, excess fat, if present, can also be removed or dispersed to produce a smooth and attractive appearance.

Upper eyelid surgery: Upper eyelid surgery is indicated when excess fat accumulates in the upper eyelids or the eyelid skin becomes so lax that it hangs down. In cases of severe skin looseness, the hanging skin may even obstruct the patient’s vision (in these cases, health insurance may fully or partial cover the cost of surgery). During eyelid surgery, incisions are made in the upper eyelid crease; fat is evenly distributed or removed and the skin is tightened.

Lower eyelid surgery: Ideal candidates for eyelid surgery have an excess of fat in the pockets just under the eyes. This can make under eye circles more prominent and contribute to an aging appearance. Lower eyelid surgery can be performed to remove extra fat and skin on the lower lids.

Another treatment that is often performed to reduce a gaunt or hollowed out appearance to the eyes is the use of dermal fillers or fat transfer injections under the eyes. If a gaunt appearance is making your eyes look like they are set back too far in the face, injections may be used to add more volume to the area. However, for some patients, this may make the eyes look even more deep-set.

The only way to find out which of these treatments, if any, are right for you is to contact a reputable plastic surgeon in your area.

Best Natural Cure For Over Masturbation Effects – Recover Your Health

Anything too much caused negative outcomes, but when put in moderation this contributes benefits to ones health. Males are often confused between the normal sex practice and over masturbation. They often think that these are both the same since sexual desires are achieved both ways. But according to medical community ejaculating many times in a week aggravates horrible consequences.

Effects in masturbating excessively are unpleasant to discuss with most men who lately realized that regular hand practice is already done when they noticed the consequences. Through these they began experiencing premature ejaculation and sexual weaknesses followed by leaking semen and erectile dysfunction. These greatly affect the capacity of a man to make babies and his capability to have normal sex with his partner.

If symptoms and problems immediately arise then you are becoming aware of finding the best solution to this and you will look for the natural cure and will certainly decide to just end it up soon. In order to get back your normal life, the safest is the natural cure. There are lots of herbal remedies in the market but only few are much capable compare to others. If you have tried products that work on you then you will surely believe that it already worked to others.

Even you took lots of natural cure but if you do not avoid a masturbating habit then it will remain a problem. Take note that possible treatment will start from you. If you are much willing to be cured then you have to make sure that you are ready to leave this. Hence, this is one factor that will contribute to your fast recovery. Difficulties will just exist the first time you started to change your habit then it will just be easier if done regularly.

NF cure capsules is a natural aphrodisiac that is best for sexual weaknesses because it helps recover the lost vigor and virility caused by over masturbation. If youd like to put your back on track then you also need to try shilajit, one that helps rejuvenates your whole body and help boosts libido and also ashwaghanda or shatavari are best natural cure for the effects of over masturbation.

So, in order to get back your masculinity and active sex life, then these best natural cures are effective to follow and make you express your manhood. Try to look back at the old habit and leave it seriously for the benefit of a good health. Make sense in everything, make it happen and treasure what it brings.

India Is The Best Place To Get Cost Effective Knee Replacement Surgery

Since ancient times, India is world known for its diverse culture and rich traditions. After getting independence in 1947, India has emerged out a most powerful economy in the world. Today, India ranks second after China in terms of worlds fastest growing economies in the world. Not only on economy front, but India has taken significant advantage when it comes to find cost effective yet powerful medical treatment. A large number of people from different parts of world come to India to get cost effective knee replacement surgery in India.

Doctors here employ different types of materials to prepare artificial knee parts that later get replaced into the patients knee. The most commonly used metals in the manufacture of these parts include an alloy of cobalt, chromium and molybdenum. The plastic used is ultra-high molecular polyethylene.

There may be various reasons why people prefer total knee replacement surgery in India. One of the most obvious reasons is that the knee plain hasnt shown any sign of recovery during other therapy such as medication, injections and physical therapy for 6 month or more. Total knee replacement surgery India is very effective for patients whose knee joints have been damaged by advanced arthritis, trauma, or other abnormal destructive diseases of the joint. It is advised for patients suffering for never-ending pains that also create problems in carrying out their day to day activities.

There are precisely three important parts of any artificial knee joint the femoral component (to replace the end of the femur), the tibial component (to replace the end of the tibia) and the patellar component (to replace the back of the kneecap). In knee replacement surgery India, all of these components are used.

This surgery is carried out using local anesthesia. The surgeons made an incision of nearly eight inches in length on the front of the knee. The front (anterior) muscles are incised and the joint is exposed. After removing the knee cap surgeons place an artificial part.

Delhi is known to be the best place for numerous world class orthopedic surgeons. One can feasibly find a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Delhi. After the surgery, antibiotics are used to reduce the risk of developing an infection, which would require removal of the artificial joint.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Universal Health Care

What will universal health care cost us and what will be get from it?

The costs of the new health insurance and health care system will include increased taxes. In some ways, it won’t matter who pays those taxes. If they are paid by corporations, they will raise the price tags of the goods and services they sell, so the individuals will be hurt as well. If they are paid by the consumer, then the consumer will have less to pay for goods and services, so the corporations will be hurt as well.

When we look at the cost of any socialized medicine proposal, we should also look at the price of the existing health care system to make comparisons. In today’s medical system, those of us who can pay for national health care subsidize those who can’t or won’t. The exact amount is uncertain, but your health insurance premiums are higher because your provider has to raise the rates for those who do pay to make up for those who don’t pay.

The costs of our existing health insurance and health care system include the cost of lower productivity when a worker is unable to work because of a medical condition he or she can’t afford to treat. The costs of our present system include the costs associated with more children growing up without a father of mother.

One of the benefits or the present day system is our familiarity with it. It’s like an old car that has a broken driver’s door and a big gash in the passenger seat. We’ve gotten used to getting in the car from the passenger side and having a blanket over the gash in the seat. Another car will have problems as well. The car may be better or worse. That part is unknown. What is known is that the car will be unfamiliar and buying a car is a big commitment.

Once we make major changes to our health care system we will be unlikely to go back to the old medical system. Even if the new system is decidedly worse, we will be stuck with it. We may have higher price tags or worse care. We may be able to tweak the new system and fix it or we may determine that the infrastructure is so poor that it too requires an overhaul.

National health care has the potential of boosting our economy. Many people who are currently shackled to their employers because of the fear of losing their health insurance, may be able to move on to better jobs or start companies and hire others.

Under the present day medical system many people are unable to pay for preventative care. They often wind up in the hospital and get expensive surgeries that they can’t afford to pay for. These surgeries may extend their lives, but may or may not allow them to work again. An individual who gets medical care when the problem is a small one may be able to work and pay taxes much longer than the individual who only gets care when the situation is critical.

We should strive to create a system that keeps our workers working longer and our parents parenting longer.

Although we may have a health care system that is broken, there is no guarantee that a new health insurance and health care system will be any better. However, far too many people are hurt by the present day health insurance and health care system for us to just throw up our hands and do nothing. If we can ignore the rhetoric and focus on the facts a better medical system can be created that will not only benefit the uninsured, but will make us all stronger.

Is Tummy Tuck Surgery Right for Me

Many women considering having a tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, are under the false impression that the procedure can be performed on anyone who is interested in it.

However, a tummy tuck is an elective cosmetic surgery procedure which can only be performed when certain criteria are met. If you meet these criteria, and believe that a tummy tuck is right for you, then it is important to schedule a consultation appointment with a Board Certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your needs.

Is It Appropriate for You?

In order to meet the criteria for a tummy tuck, you will likely be examined for the following:

* Some excess fat in your abdominal area which cannot be removed through diet or exercise alone * Excess skin on your abdominal area which either sags or has an over-hang * Laxity of your abdominal skin caused by previous pregnancy, age, or weight gain or loss. * Bulging of the true abdominal wall caused by pregnancy * Bulging of the abdominal area caused by being over-weight.

Don’t we all want a smooth, shapely middle! Ah … but simply having a lot of excess belly fat or the inability to lose weight are not reasons for this surgery. A tummy tuck also addresses the issues of lax stomach skin and bulging of the abdominal wall.

In addition, this procedure will remove some excess fat in the area when it is necessary; however, for removal of larger amounts of belly fat you will likely need liposuction in addition to, a tummy tuck.

If you have had children, or if you have lost a large amount of weight, you may be noticing that your stomach is sagging and hanging a bit. Many women in this situation have scheduled appointments with a plastic surgeon and expressed an interest in simply having liposuction to fix the problem.

But they are disappointed when they find out that liposuction alone will not help them … they need to have a tummy tuck performed in order to get to the true root of the problem – their abdominal wall bulging and laxity of their abdominal skin.

What to do if you feel a Tummy Tuck is Right for You?

If you feel that a tummy tuck is appropriate for your needs, you should locate a plastic surgeon in your area that is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Many doctors today expand their core practices to include some cosmetic surgery procedures; however, if you are going to have an abdominoplasty you should have it performed by a Board Certified plastic surgeon for your safety and to achieve the best results possible.

To find a Board Certified plastic surgeon in your area, simply contact your local hospital or the American Board of Plastic Surgery directly.

For tummy tuck, Dallas men and women should only consider an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon. At USA Plastic Surgery, the board certified plastic surgeon is known for expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery. They have information, before and after pictures, and financing options at .

Know Your Foraminotomy Surgery

Depending on location of the compressed nerve or severity of the patient’s symptoms, a foraminotomy may be combined with other procedures such as a laminotomy or laminectomy. A laminotomy removes a portion of the lamina whereas a laminectomy involves the complete removal of the lamina. The lamina is a small bony plate that covers the spinal canal. Sometimes removing the lamina (or a portion of it) provides greater access to the neuroforamen.

You will be made to lie face down on the operating table and administered with a local anesthesia, it is a painless procedure. A incision, less than an inch is made in the middle of the back of your spine.

Skin, muscles, and ligaments are moved to the side and a surgical microscope to use to observe the insides of your back.

With Same Day Spine, minimal bone is cut or shaved away to open the nerve root opening (foramen). Disk fragments are removed and the other bone may also be removed at the back of the vertebrae to make more room.

If your surgeon is feels that your spine is unstable after the bone has been removed, you will need to have a spinal fusion.

The muscles and other tissues are put back in place, and the skin is sewn together.

Conditions Treated With a Foraminotomy

Spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal or foramina) is the most common reason why patients undergo foraminotomy. Disc bulges also contribute to this narrowing. You will find that often discrete bone spurs will form pinching a nerve. It can also be genetic, for example. a person can also be born with a small spinal canal; this is called congenital spinal stenosis.

After Surgery:

Be as active as your pain allows. You can ride in a car, climb stairs, and generally perform your normal activities for the first month after surgery. After a month, you may be enrolled in a structured physical therapy program to include core strengthening and neutral spine exercises. At this stage, you can start low impact aerobic activities (e.g., elliptical training, recumbent bicycling, swimming, etc). Three months after surgery, you can begin higher impact aerobic activities such as running, jumping, and non-contact sports. Six months after surgery, you will be free to participate in any physical activity (including contact sports and activities) without restriction.

Should I have the surgery?

If you feel an annoying, yet mild pain in your legs ,you probably should not avoid surgery. However, if your lifestyle is significantly hampered by the symptoms surgery can be life changing. Since the procedure is considered elective in the majority of cases, however, it is your responsibility to determine if your symptoms warrant the risk of surgery.

At Same Day Spine, a Foraminotomy patient then returns the hone at the day of the surgery itself as the procedure is typically completed within 60 minutes and no muscles and very little bone are cut during the procedure, scarring is minimized . Same Day Spine offers various minimally invasive procedures to relieve neck and back pain caused by spine conditions and nerve conditions

north face resolve jacket surgery

The following time he suits up to get a game, there is a great possibility Derrick Rose will actually be within a uniform and not inside a jacket and slacks.That moment can’t come soon adequate for the Chicago Bulls.Coach Tom Thibodeau also did not rule out the possibility of foot surgery for Joakim Noah, and Kirk Hinrich’s badly bruised left calf is usually a concern.Rose sat out all season following knee surgery, and the north face sale uk recovery remains the largest story surrounding this group. He took plenty of public criticism from fans who wondered why he wasn’t back on the court.

“He looked very good (in scrimmages), but the big factor was he did not have the comfort level that he required to play,” Thibodeau stated Thursday following exit interviews. “He wanted really badly to be out there. And he north face clothing a superb decision, I believe. We told him in the starting, ‘We want you to be entirely comfortable ahead of you get on the market.’ He wasn’t swayed by anyone, besides carrying out what he thought was correct. He put many operate into his rehab, by no means rather got for the point where he felt comfy adequate to acquire around and play. >

He did the best factor, and now he has the entire summer time to construct additional confidence and we’ll move forward from there.”Rose and Noah stayed in Florida after Wednesday’s seasonending loss and weren’t accessible for comment.Thibodeau mentioned he’s confident Rose will probably be a dominant player once again, and if that happens, possibly the seasonlong soap opera that surrounded his recovery from a torn cheap womens the north face uk cruciate ligament in his left knee will finally fade.It really is been hovering more than the team given that Rose crumbled to the court in the playoff opener against Philadelphia last year, sending the topseeded Bulls toward a firstround exit.

Preparing For Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Congratulations youve finally decided to take the next step and proceed with cosmetic plastic surgery. While this is an exciting time for you, we understand that you may also have some anxiety about the coming weeks.

To ensure your cosmetic plastic surgery experience is a safe and smooth surgery and recovery period, weve put together a few tips and strategies. From today until the morning of your surgery, use these tips to maximize your experience through careful planning.


Start by evaluating the amount of time you will need for your cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, and the amount of time you will need for recovery. Plan your surgery at a time when you social commitments are low, and you can take some time off of work. The key to a successful recovery from a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure is to take the needed time away, and relax as much as possible. Stress will only add more time for recovery.

The amount of time needed for each cosmetic plastic surgery procedure is different. Make sure you speak with your doctor before hand to understand the time for recovery. Share with him the type of activities you do in your normal routine, and any upcoming events that you may be preparing for.


While most cosmetic plastic surgery procedures will not require bed rest, you may wish to have a few family members or friends that are willing to help out for the first week or so. Even though you are electing to have a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, it is still real surgery, and you should plan accordingly.


Once youve decided on a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, you must also decide how you will pay for it. Will you be obtaining financing, or have you had time to save for the procedure?

While plastic surgery costs are usually not covered by your regular medical insurance, there a number of ways you can pay for your chosen procedure. Check with your plastic surgery center. Most centers will be able to offer you a variety of ways to cover the plastic surgery costs.

In addition to the cost of the surgery, you should also plan for small incidental expenses. If you dont have adequate sick or vacation days stored at work, you may be required to take a few days without pay.

Being prepared will ensure your success with any cosmetic plastic surgery procedure you choose.